SONG Success Story

A Champion for Education, 2010

K12 Techno Services, supported by capital from SONG Growth Company, an SEDF investment, is a school management company focused on the low-cost K-12 segment in India. The company currently operates more than 60 low-cost schools in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh under the brand Gowtham Model Schools.  The average fee is $25/month and 43,000 students are enrolled in its programs.

T. Raja, 8, has been a student at Gowtham Model Schools in a suburb of Hyderabad for the past two years. His father, T. Dharma, earns about Rs200 ($4) a day as a laborer. His mother is a homemaker. Dharma is very excited about his son's future. “Gowtham Model Schools has given me the hope to realize my dream of Raja becoming a software engineer,” he says. “They offer high-class English-medium education at a price that families like ours can afford. Though I have to work hard to make ends meet, my son's future keeps me motivated all the time.”

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