Investment: SONG

SONG Investment Company (SONG) is a small and medium enterprises (SMEs) focused equity fund backed by SEDF along with Omidyar Network and Google in partnership with the Indian School of Business. SONG’s mission is to provide early and growth stage capital and operational support to SMEs in sectors that can contribute significantly to economic development as well as create sustainable social impact  in India. SONG’s focus is to back companies that develop innovative and scalable solutions to the real problems facing India in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, education, business services and basic utilities.

Why we invested
SEDF collaborated with Omidyar Network and to create SONG in order to help finance a segment that is largely overlooked by other institutions: SMEs that need seed or early stage equity investments of $1 million to $3 million. SONG’s investments will help businesses create jobs or provide basic goods and services for low-income populations. Our aim is to transfer the lessons learned from SONG’s investments in India to other countries.

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K12 Techno Services is a school management company focused on the low-cost K-12 segment in India. The company currently operates more than 60 schools in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh under the brand name Gowtham Model Schools. The average fee is $25/month and 43,000 students are enrolled in its programs.

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