Sector Focus

We focus on three primary sectors: financial services, agribusiness and logistics. Historically, the Fund concentrated on investments that broadened access to financial products and services for underserved populations, with an emphasis on expanded access for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Recently, SEDF broadened its scope to include agribusiness. We believe that the agriculture sector has one of the greatest potentials to assist the rural poor by generating jobs, increasing food security and improving income levels. Our goal is to invest along the value chain—from seed to market delivery.

To leverage our work and create greater impact in the financial services and agribusiness sectors, SEDF invests in logistics projects that improve the flow of goods and information. For instance, in the case of agriculture, this could include investments along the agriculture value chain such as access to refrigeration, transportation and post-harvest processing.

Finally, we are further expanding our scope to include both fund investments and innovative technology platforms that enable wider access to information and services for our target populations.