Investment Criteria

Investments amounts range between $500K and $10 million. SEDF is dedicated to helping talented management teams and entrepreneurs build value in their companies. We focus on ambitious projects that:

  • Are Innovative – Each project should create, deliver or provide access to information, goods or services that address a critical need for the underserved populations in our strategic and geographic focus areas;
  • Generate Multiple Social Benefits – Each project must create jobs, increase the incomes of an underserved population and / or promote community development;
  • Demonstrate Sustainability and Profitability – Each project must show the potential for financial sustainability and eventual profitability within a five- to seven-year period, including the ability to cover operating expenses with operating revenues;
  • Involve Strong Local Management – We look for strong locally based management teams that have relevant experience, proven success and clear leadership in their chosen field; and
  • Meet the Internal Revenue Services’ Program-Related Investment Criteria.